[Msorchestra] Volunteers for the MS/HS Concert

Kim and Glenn Engler kg.engler at verizon.net
Tue Dec 19 20:48:26 EST 2006

The following is a list of those who have offered to help out with the orchestra concert Wednesday at 7:30PM at the High School.
Goodies should be dropped off at 6:30 in the cafeteria (the same time your child needs to be dropped off), chaperones can accompany their child to the warm up room at 6:30.
Thank you again for helping to make sure that this is a wonderful night of music and good spirit!

CHAPERONES will be Peg Ober and Sujata Jasty.

GOODIES PROVIDED by the following families:
Flack, Huckins, Clark/Gertler, Freiberg, Ober, Pohl, Jasty, Burgess, Chew, Fong, Smoot, and Mattoon.  
WATER  BOTTLES provided by the Robsons, Huckins, Fongs, Cohens, Pohls and Burgess' families.

Looking forward to a wonderful evening of music.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday, and a safe and healthy New Year.
Kim Engler
Weston Friends of Music

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