[Mschorus] Upcoming MS Winter Chorus Concert - Dec 11th

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To Middle  School Chorus Families,  
I hope you  have all had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday.
The Middle  School Winter Chorus Concert will be held Thursday, December 11th 
at  7:30 in the HS Auditorium.  Please have your singer(s) at the  school at 
6:30 for warm-up in concert attire.
Light  refreshments will be served to all in the cafeteria immediately 
following  the concert.
Many  volunteers are needed to support our students and faculty in making 
this  event a success.  Please email me at _amana1 at aol.com_ 
(mailto:amana1 at aol.com)  if you are willing to  assist with any of the following jobs listed below. 
 Your help is  greatly appreciated.
Volunteers  needed:
- 2 ticket  sellers (arrive at 6:30pm)
- 10  chaperones to help teachers before concert & sit with  students during 
concert - best seats in the house! (arrive at  6:30)
- 25  volunteers to bring 3-4 dozen finger desserts: cookies, brownies  etc 
on disposable plates (drop off  in HS cafeteria before concert)  ...may be 
store bought!
- 6  volunteers to bring 1 case/48 count small size water bottles (drop off 
in cafeteria before  concert) 
-2-3  volunteers to help set up/arrange food platters
-2-3  volunteers to leave concert prior to last song to help uncover food and 
 monitor early arrivals
We recognize  that this is a very busy time of year! 
Thank you for  your help,  
Allegra  Manacher (Kohlberg)

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