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Weston Friends of Music (WFOM) held its first meeting of the 2007-08 school  
year last week.  It was well-attended; however, I did hear from  many of you 
who were not able to attend the meeting that you wanted to be kept  updated on 
our activities.  The purpose of this email is to briefly  summarize our 
meeting discussions and to keep everyone informed on upcoming  events.
Each of the music groups at the Middle School and High School has a parent  
volunteer who acts as the liaison between WFOM and the directors.   Depending 
on which music groups your children participate in, you will receive  music 
listserv emails from one or more of the following parents when volunteer  needs 
arise or to inform you of upcoming activities for that particular  music group. 
 The parent liaisons are as follows:
    HS Band -- Joyce White (_joycewhite at comcast.net_ 
(mailto:joycewhite at comcast.net) )
    HS Chorus -- Collette Chilton (_collette.chilton at williams.edu_ 
(mailto:collette.chilton at williams.edu) )
HS  Orchestra -- Michelle Roman (_roman-stix at comcast.net_ 
(mailto:roman-stix at comcast.net) )
    MS Band -- Linda DeLaney (_delaney_family at verizon.net_ 
(mailto:delaney_family at verizon.net) )
    MS Chorus -- Sandy Coburn (_sandycoburn at yahoo.com_ 
(mailto:sandycoburn at yahoo.com) )
    MS Orchestra -- Kim Engler (_Kg.engler at verizon.net_ 
(mailto:Kg.engler at verizon.net) )
Feel free to contact them directly if you have specific questions about a  
particular music group.
The High School Masquerade Concert is scheduled for Wednesday,  October 24th. 
 Due to a delay in the replacement of the high  school gym floor and 
bleachers, THERE HAS BEEN A LOCATION AND TIME CHANGE.   Please note that the Chorus 
concert will begin at 7 pm in the HS  Auditorium.  There will be intermission 
from 7:30 - 8 pm.  Then, the  Band/Orchestra concert will begin at 8 pm.  If 
there are any further  changes to this concert, a listserv announcement will be 
sent out. 
On Wednesday, November 14th, at 7:30 pm, the Weston HS Orchestra  will be 
performing in Wayland with the Wayland HS Orchestra as part of a  performance by 
Barrage, an internationally-recognized, high energy string  group that 
performs an eclectic mix of music, song and dance.  Barrage  offers up a diverse 
fusion of cultures, music styles and incredible performance  vitality.  Details 
will be forthcoming -- don't miss this on November  14th.  Thanks to WEEFC for 
providing the funding for Weston's share of this  performance.
The Second Annual Concert Clothing Sale is scheduled for  Wednesday and 
Thursday, November 7th and 8th.  Collection of  clothing will take place from 
October 22nd through November 2nd.  More  details will be sent out over the next 
few weeks.  If you'd like to help or  have any questions, email Judy Harris at 
_jharris009 at comcast.net_ (mailto:jharris009 at comcast.net) .
There was also discussion on the concept of providing an opportunity for  
parents to dust off their old band or orchestra instruments with the  
anticipation of performing -- either with the students or in a community  band/orchestra 
group, similar to our Community Chorus.  We'd like to hear  if there is 
interest on the part of parents for this type of opportunity.   Please email me at 
_cphedges at aol.com_ (mailto:cphedges at aol.com)  with  your interest and any 
comments on this idea.
Other topics of discussion at our meeting included the sale of Winter  
Concert DVDs, post-concert refreshments, and the possibility of introducing  the 
Tri-M Music Honor Society for our Weston student musicians. 
Finally, the music listservs have been set up using the email addresses of  
both parents given to the schools at the beginning of the year.  If you  would 
like to add or delete emails from this music listserv, please refer to the  
directions below on subscribing and unsubscribing.  
Weston Friends of Music is off to a busy start with a full schedule of  music 
events coming up.  If you have any questions, or want to share ideas  for new 
activities for our music department, please reply back to me.  I  look 
forward to hearing from you.
-- Christie Hedges (781-899-8984)

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