[Hsorchestra] Volunteers Needed!

Michelle Roman roman-stix at comcast.net
Tue Oct 9 13:01:43 EDT 2007

It's a month away and we are still looking for volunteers to lead three efforts on the Barrage concert, November 14.  Wayland has their volunteers lined up --let's not let our students and Chris Memoli down!.  

We need 

-- a Weston parent to work with Wayland parents coordinating the publicity for the event.  Wayland has already gotten started so there is less to do.  

-- A Weston parent to organize and coordinate Weston volunteers to presell the concert tickets to Weston families.

-- A Weston parent  to coordinate with a Wayland parent on the dinner to be provided to the Barrage contingent the night of the concert.

Please contact Michelle Roman roman-stix at comcast.net or 781-894-2924, if you are able to help!

Thank you in advance for supporting this great opportunity for our students!!
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