[Hschorus] Volunteers only: list attached with what you signed up to bring

Sarah Ardila sarah_ardila at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 08:30:21 EST 2012

As a reminder: attached is a list of who volunteered by class and the dish or drink you signed up to bring.

All cold items (drinks, desserts, salads with dressing on the side) may be dropped off between 12-12:30 on Sunday at the HS cafeteria.
All HOT items may be dropped off already warmed up between 4:00-4:15 to the HS cafeteria.

If you are using reusable serving dishes please make sure they are marked on the bottom so you will get them back. 

PLEASE try to remember serving utensils with your dish (also marked if reusable).

We still do not have any paper plates, napkins, cups or utensils if anyone is able and willing to cover any or all of those, please let me know. (Need approx. 200 each)

Sarah Ardila
sardila at yahoo.com
727-224-9276 cell
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