[Msorchestra] Friday's field trip

Toland, Colleen TolandC at mail.weston.org
Thu May 28 16:00:47 EDT 2009

Hello all Band and Orchestra parents,

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow at Six Flags New England.  As it is the first time we have ever performed in the park itself, we are bringing all of our equipment (stands, all percussion, electric pianos, etc... ) in a moving truck.  It is our goal to have the truck back to WMS by 8:00 p.m., approximately a half hour before the buses.  We would love a crew of individuals to help unload the equipment before the kids return, in order to avoid chaos.  If you are willing to help us with this task, please meet Mr. Seapy and crew in the back circle/pool entrance tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m.  We greatly appreciate all help we can get!  It was a grueling day getting it packed on the bus today....with a few extra bodies it will be a quick return.

See you all tomorrow morning!
Colleen Toland

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