[Msorchestra] Friday

Toland, Colleen TolandC at mail.weston.org
Tue May 26 11:14:15 EDT 2009

Middle School Band and Orchestra students,

As you have heard through emails from Mr. Memoli, the Music Festival trip is still on for Friday!  We are busy preparing for it here at school and look forward to an exciting day.  I ask that you try to find time to play your instrument and maybe run through your festival music, as we will not have rehearsals this week in school.  A great approach would be to play along on Smartmusic, if your piece is their library.  Eighth grade students should be particularly concerned, given the two weeks away from rehearsals:)  Remember that this is a festival and we will be judged on our performance.  Looking forward to a great day!

Miss T

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