[Mschorus] Attention Madrigal Parents!

Amana1 at aol.com Amana1 at aol.com
Tue Dec 9 14:21:50 EST 2008

Hello everyone...I am hoping this will be a final reminder of plans for the  
ice cream party for the Madrigal students following their return from  
performing this coming Friday, Dec 12th.
The plan is for the kids to meet in "Doc Provs" room at the High  School upon 
their return about 3:30 PM.
The following people have offered to supply the below:
Vanilla Ice Cream: Lia Friel ( 2 gallons)
                            Donna Pearstein ( 2 gallons)
Chocolate Ice Cream: Inna Braginsky ( 2  gallons)
Napkins: Kim Fink
               Patty Alciade
Spoons: Carol Linde
Bowls: Grace Zimmerman
Cups for Water: Najwa Dweik
Helpers:  Donna Pearlstein (***coordinator)   +++Please bring an ice cream 
scoop if you have  one!!!
                Inna Bragnsky
                Addie Fiske
                Evelyn Anthony
                Patty Alcaide

If the supplies could be brought to the High School at 3, I will be waiting  
at the HS Office to receive them. Helpers, if I could have you there by 3:10,  
that would be great. I will need to leave as soon as the bus arrives (if not  
before), but Donna Pearlstein has graciously offered to coordinate...
Thank you all so much for everything!!!
Please contact me at _amana1 at aol.com_ (mailto:amana1 at aol.com)  if  any 
Allegra Manacher
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