[Mschorus] Volunteers for MS Chorus Concert...We are all set, please check assignments!

Amana1 at aol.com Amana1 at aol.com
Tue Dec 9 14:00:56 EST 2008

Hello everyone...this will be a final reminder for Thursday night's MS  
Chorus Concert that will be held at the High School beginning at  7:30.
Participants are due at the HS by 6:30 in appropriate concert  attire. Doors 
will not open to general public until 7:10.
Below is a list of who I have signed up for what. IF EVERYONE  COMES THROUGH, 
Plates of 2-3 Doz Sweets (each) : please bring to  HS Cafeteria between 
6:30-7:15 PM 
Joanne  Foody               Jill  Vasquez             Denise  Lofti      
Marnie  Phillips              Marcy Dorna             Suzie Nash
Cheryl  Kieser              Sandy  Coburn           Beth  Keane
Marilyn  Savage            Sally  Black               Cynthia 
Jane  Clark                    Joan  Moran               Jessica Pohl
Diane  Douglas               Karen Packman       Jean O'Connot
Angie  Wong                  Sheryl Schwartz      Evelyn Anthony
Brooke Cort
Chaperones (arrive 6:30 PM)
Patty  Alcaide                Anne  Sheridan        Linda Silberberg?
Grace Zimmerman        Suzanne  Chase                 
Cheryl  Kieser                 Brooke Cort
Kerri  Tellier                     Ellen Wu
Deb  Slotpole                  Jessica Pohl
Joan  Moran                    Anne Steer
Water ( each brings 1 case of 48 mini water  bottles) (drop off in HS 
Cafeteria 6:30-7:15 PM)
Marnie  Phillips                Angie  Wong
Grace ZImmerman          Amy  Favat
Julie  Miller                      Diane  Douglas 
Ticket Sellers  (arrive 6:30 PM)
Deb Egan
Volunteers to help me with setting up in  cafeteria:   Diane Douglas
  ( arrive 6:30 ish if  possible)                                           
Linda Chow
    Alice  Benson?
     Faith  Rand             
Volunteer to purchase 3 bouquets of  flowers:    Najwa Dwrik
(3)   8th graders to present them: Abby Hirsch?) 
I apologize for any errors in name spelling, etc.
Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE....it should be a lovely evening!!!
Allegra Manacher

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