Provenzano, Therese ProvenzanoT at weston.org
Wed Feb 5 07:54:11 EST 2014

Hi everyone, 
Well, snow snow snow as you can see… and not supposed to change/stop til late today so


Everything will work exactly the same as today.  Students to be dropped off at Regis/ arrive ON STAGE by 6:30 pm.  Parents to park at the high school for your yellow limo ride to Regis (this is actually perfect because you don't have to worry about walking across campus/finding parking etc!!! in the snow) - for an 8pm concert start… I have already checked with sports etc. and we should all be fine and ready to go!!!!! GET EXCITED - THIS WILL BE A FABULOUS EVENING!!!!!!  

Parents - be sure to come -- don't miss out on this special evening - your children sound amazing!!!!!!!
children to be dropped off and arrive by 6:20pm at Regis 
parents to go to high school for bus transport to concert - buses will start for parents at 6:45 (musicians at 5:45)

other important information!

1. Make sure students/parents bring all 'goodies' for the reception  with them at 6:20 for the committee to set up
2. Make sure you don't forget to order your CD's at the concert!! This is going to be a fabulous evening - orders will be taken at the concert in the lobby  (please make sure you bring $ for them as well)
3. Students planning to sing anthem at the Celtics!! - please bring your form for both your ticket/tshirt and parent tickets to school tomorrow so I can finish all that up.

Enjoy the snow today and get EXCITED for our big concert tomorrow (THURSDAY) evening


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