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Wed Dec 7 22:45:02 EST 2011

All: Sunday's pot luck is fast approaching. Thank you to the generous volunteers for helping! 

Here are the instructions for dropping off the food and drinks. 

1) Anything that can be kept at ROOM TEMP or any DRINKS in sealed bottles/containers (i.e not in pitchers or thermos) may be dropped off with your children at NOON in the HS cafeteria. Of course you may also bring at 4pm if noon does not work.

2) DESSERTS: please remember to have it ready in individual servings (or cut into slices if cake or pie). 

Please note NO Nuts.

3) ENTREES & ALL HOT food needs to be dropped off at 4pm to the HS cafeteria already HOT. Please remember to include serving utensils. 
Please note NO nuts.

4) SALAD dishes: please remember to include serving utensils and note NO nuts. Preferably these should be dropped off at 4pm. 
Suggest keeping dressing on the side if you drop off earlier.

5) If you are bringing non-disposable serving dishes, please include your name taped on the bottom and note they will be returned uncleaned as we do not have option to wash dishes.

6) SET UP volunteers: please arrive at the cafeteria by 3:15.

7) CLEAN UP volunteers: anticipate starting clean up at 5pm.

THANK YOU and please feel free to email me with any questions or if you need to call on Sunday my cell is 727-224-9276.
Sarah Ardila
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