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Dear Chorus Parents,
The annual Pot Luck dinner will take place on Sunday, DECEMBER 5.  Since we
are feeding 200 hungry singers, the pot luck assignments and requests for
help are as follows.  Every family should participate in feeding this great
group after they perform at Norumbega at Weston.

Grade 9: MAIN COURSE; each should serve 6 - 10.  We also need several that
are meatless!
Grade 10:  SALADS, each should serve 6 - 10
Grade 11:  DESSERT, each should serve 6 - 10
Grade 12: BEVERAGES, 2 2liter bottles each student.
Also needed are volunteers for set-up around 3:30 (with meals arriving
around 4pm, already hot), and clean-up at the conclusion around 5:30, as
well as someone to take the leftovers to a local homeless shelter.
Please email jeansoconnor at gmail.com and note specifically the item you will
be bringing, or to sign up to help.  A reminder will be sent the week before
the dinner. Thank you so much for helping to make this tradition lovely for
your children.
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