[Hschorus] Chorus Pot Luck Important Information!

JEAN O'CONNOR jeansoconnor at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 06:36:52 EST 2010

Thanks to everyone who will be bringing items or volunteering for the Chorus
Pot Luck this Sunday, December 5th!  Please note the following instructions!
(If I have missed someone, apologies!)  If you have further questions please
email me at jeansoconnor at gmail.com!  PLEASE BRING FOOD ITEMS ON/IN

*Set-up Volunteers: *(Alcaide, Belgrade, Benson, Marchiony, Harwood, Fong,
Gillooly, Wu, Chase, Sinha, J.Greenberg) *Please come if possible when you
drop off your child, or, at 4pm to help receive food and monitor food if you
are staying for clean-up.*
*Clean-up Volunteers:  *(Gold, Benson, Nagarajah, Abrecht, Richstone,
Burkus, Brewer, Lydon, Moran, Lucas, Sinha, J.Greenberg)

*Grade 9, Main course serving 8-10*:  (Benson, Caesar, Riedel, Marchiony,
Mathers, Hooper, Chase, Gold, Paborsky, Kollaard, Hattabaugh, Condakes,
Moran, Kettle, Hartman-Creamer, Wrean, Phillips, Shay, McAlpines, Allard,
Nahigian, Allen, Greenberg, Teplow, Kinnealey, Bala-Sims, LoRusso, Spencer)
*Please deliver HOT to the cafeteria at 4pm*
*Grade 10, Salads serving 10;  *(Mekuria, Alcaide, Belgrad, Fink-Cramer,
Koenig, Harwood, Dweik, Fong, Gillooly, Nagarajah, Wu, Cobb, Dvorak, Whorf,
Gordon, Cohen, Enzmann, Greenberg, Goulart) *Please deliver to the cafe when
you drop off your children.*
*Grade 11, Desserts(bite sized please);  *(Golden, Sarocco, Engler, Caesar,
Flynn, Burkus, Eappen, Mathers, Fong, Greenberg, Panagakos, Scarpato,
Krimsky, Richston-Kwiatkowski, Keegan, Cavanaugh, Cassel,Bennett, Von der
Heyde, Gilbard, Teplow, Bock, Hastings, Foody, Hulings, Skenderian,
Fitzgerald) *Please deliver to the cafe when you drop off your children.*
*Grade 12, 2-2liter bottles;  *(Clark, Kulow,Maloney, Sinha, Harwood, Linde,
Charpie, Friel, Kollaard, Garlick, Coote, Knapp, Dodson, Chilton, Greenberg,
Birren, Plank, Campo)  *Please deliver to the cafe when you drop off your
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