[Hschorus] Pops DVDs still available

Cphedges at aol.com Cphedges at aol.com
Wed May 20 11:03:22 EDT 2009

DVDs of the High School Pops Concerts are still available if you are  
interested in purchasing DVDs of either/both concerts.  The DVDs record  each 
concert in their entirety, and scroll through the names of every student  
performer.  While the music is playing or the chorus is singing, the DVD is  
scanning through all the performers, zooming in and out.  We are confident  that 
every performer has been captured on the video, in most cases multiple  
The DVD Order Form is attached if you are interested in ordering.   Each 
DVD is $20.  
Questions?  Contact Christie Hedges at _cphedges at aol.com_ 
(mailto:cphedges at aol.com)  or  781-899-8984.
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