[Msorchestra] End of Quarter - Smartmusic

MacDonald, Colleen MacDonaldC at mail.weston.org
Tue Nov 2 11:19:42 EST 2010

A reminder to all band/orchestra parents and students:

The first quarter ends on Friday, November 6.  Please check-in with your child to make sure they have completed their Smartmusic assignments by Friday.  Every ensemble has multiple assignments that must be completed by quarter's end.  If you are having issues with Smartmusic at home, please call tech support.  Their telephone # is:  877-244-4617.  We have 3 computers here at school with Smartmusic installed on them.  If your child needs to do their assignments at school, before school, during study halls or during lunch are preferred times.  Have your child ask one of us for a pass if they need to come during a study hall.

Thank you for your support!

Colleen MacDonald
Patrick Dandrea
Lisa Nardone

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