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Last week, Weston Friends of  Music (WFOM) held its winter meeting to discuss 
music events and activities for  the second half of the school year.  It was 
a very busy fall season, beginning with the High School Masquerade  Concert, 
followed by the Barrage Orchestra Concert in mid-November, and  culminating 
with eight winter concerts in the month of December.  
Our high school chorus  students kicked off the new year with the spectacular 
Rutter  Magnificat performance held at Regis last Wednesday.  Our 
district-wide String Fling, Band  Fest, and Spring Sing concerts are coming in March.  
Plans for the April Pops concerts are  just getting underway.  Anyone  
interested in helping out at the Pops concerts, please contact me at _cphedges at aol.com_ 
(mailto:cphedges at aol.com) .  Our organizing committee is being formed  now.  
Finally, our elementary and middle school music groups will end the  school 
year with their spring performances in May. 
At our meeting, Chris Memoli  congratulated our student musicians on their 
amazing showing at the district and  state festivals this year:  42  students 
were selected to participate in Sr. Districts, 36 students in Jr.  Districts, 
and 14 students continued on to the All-State Festival. 
Our Fall Clothing Sale was  a great success, providing a wonderful 
opportunity for the donating and  purchasing of concert attire by music families.  
Concert clothing, including maroon  sashes, cummerbunds, and bowties, will be 
collected after the spring concerts in  anticipation of next fall’s sale.  If you 
have any concert clothes to donate, please contact Judy Harris at  
_jharris009 at comcast.net_ (javascript:void)  to schedule a pick-up.   
Music students at the High School  will soon be introduced to the Tri-M Music 
Honor Society, an  internationally-recognized music honor society with over 
4,400 chartered  chapters worldwide.  This society  gives national recognition 
to the musical accomplishments of our top music  students while encouraging 
community service and student leadership  opportunities. 
WFOM is also looking into raising  money for music scholarships for some of 
its student musicians to fund  instructional instrument or voice lessons.  
While WFOM is not set up as a fundraising group, there is a need for  these 
scholarships and we are looking into different ways to provide these  scholarships. 
Finally, an announcement was made  about the forming of a new community band, 
the Sudbury Valley New Horizons  Band.  Similar to our Community  Chorus, 
this band encourages any adult who wants to play in a band to join.  All levels, 
from true beginner to more  experienced, are welcome.  Rehearsals are on 
Wednesday nights at the Wayland Middle School.  Visit the SVHNB website at 
www.svnhb.org  for more information. 
Thank you to the great number of  parents who volunteer at our music events 
in so many ways -- selling tickets,  ushering at the doors, chaperoning, and 
baking refreshments for concert  receptions, to name just a few.  The number of 
students  participating in Weston's music programs from elementary through 
high school is  astounding and continues to grow -- many thanks to all of you for 
supporting  this growth in so many ways. 
-- Christie Hedges 

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