[Msorchestra] orchestra goodies for 5/3/07

Kim and Glenn Engler kg.engler at verizon.net
Tue May 1 19:52:27 EDT 2007

A big Thank You to all the families that have offered to bring either a treat or water bottles to the Thursday night concert at the High School.  We are hopeful that this reception will be a great success and show our appreciation to both the kids and Directors of the band and orchestra for their wonderful music and growth this year!

Below are the families that have offered to help make the evening a gala event!!  If you haven't yet responded, and would like to help this reception out, please let me know what you can bring!  Many thanks!! (kg.engler at verizon.net)

Families bringing snacks (so far):
Huckins, Perry/Sheiman, Razzaghi, Clark/Gertler, O'Neil/Riccotta, Rubin, Gold, Pohl, Goulet, Freiberg, Ober

Families providing water bottles (so far):
Huckins, Razzaghi, Yue, Robson, Pohl, Freiberg, Mattoon, Engler

We would really like a few more names in each list--we will have several hundred hungry, thirsty people after the concert, and we don't want to run short of goodies or water.  Please help out if you aren't already signed up.  Your kids will appreciate it!!!

All refreshments should be dropped off at 6:30 (when you drop off your child) in the HS cafeteria.
Thanks so much.  It has been a wonderful year of music, and it has been great to see the progress that each of the kids has made, and what spirited performers they are.  We are fortunate to have such a wonderful Music Department, with such dedicated and hard working directors.  They put their heart and soul into each  one of our kids.

Thanks for a great year!
Kim Engler
Kg,engler at verizon.net
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