[Mschorus] madrigals auditions

Leedy, Deanna LeedyD at mail.weston.org
Mon Jun 1 08:33:18 EDT 2009

Hello all-
As you know, there were no auditions last week because of the school cancellations. The auditions will all be this week on Wednesday after school from 2:00 until we finish. Students who are not being picked up by parents should be able to take the late bus home at 3:30. Just a reminder that the audition will include some pitch matching, range testing, and then students will sing a selection from one of the pieces from the festival we just had on Friday. If this date doesn't work for you, please e-mail me and we will set something up. These auditions must be done this week.
Deanna Leedy (leedyd at mail.weston.org<mailto:leedyd at mail.weston.org>) and Therese Provenzano (provenzanot at mail.weston.org)
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