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Sorry for this mass email, this is for MADRIGALS PARENTS ONLY (but the list isn't seperate so you will all get it).

Hi all, I've received some emails from parents about fridays schedule - so here is some info.

I would like to meet all madrigals parents following the concert tomorrow (thurs) for 10 minutes to go over fridays schedule and disperse nutcracker tickets.
For friday:
All madrigals members come to school in concert dress, bringing money for lunch.  
We will leave right after homeroom to travel to 3 nursing homes during the day to sing our music and some carols and then visit the residents.  We will be at North Hill, Dedham; Brookhaven, Lexington: and Norembega, Weston.   We will go to lunch after brookhaven at Panera, so your child needs lunch money.  After we sing at Norumbega we will return to the middle school around 2:30 and relax til 4pm when the students going to the nutcracker will have a pot luck supper.  We will then leave for boston by school bus at around 5pm, sing prior to the nutcracker for the patrons coming and then stay to enjoy the show.  Then return to Weston @ 9:30pm following.  If you are coming to the nutcracker with us and are taking your child home from there, you MUST check out with me and your child before you leave (so i know where they have gone!!!) and if you are picking your child up at the middle school following, PLEASE be on time... i will have been with them all day and in concerts all week and have to travel to cape cod that evening to work on board a boat the following 5am!! so PLEASE if you would be on time for that! 
As well, parents who are going, i'm hoping some of you will be driving in and meeting us there as sooo many of you got tickets we don't have full room on the bus... but we can go over all that tomorrow evening following the concert...

so... I will see you all at tomorrows concert (call for the kids is 6:30pm) and please remember to remain following the concert for a brief meeting...... See you then!!! Thérèse
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