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Sandy Coburn sandycoburn at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 08:57:51 EST 2006

Hi - Just a reminder that the MS Chorus concert is tomorrow night (Thurs) at 7:30.  Please bring your child to the HS for warm-up at 6:30.
  Thank you to all who volunteered to help at the concert:  For a list of volunteers & instructions, please read to bottom.  I will be in the cafeteria setting up & accepting food & water donations, but will try to check in with volunteers before concert.  Let me know if you have any questions.  
  Ticket Table:  Please arrive by 6:30 with your child.  Chris Memoli will have the cash box, programs & signs.  I need one of you to stay at table until Chris is done with his announcements then he'll come out & take the cash box from you so you can go into the concert. 
  1. Bev Dillaway 
  2. Beth Keane
  3. Linda Edelman
  Flowers: Wendy Teplow is purchasing bouquets for both chorus teachers & the accompanist and will get 3 students to present them at the end of the concert.  
  Chaperones:  Please arrive at 6:30 with your child and report to the auditorium where Doc Prov & Jessica Corwin will be rehearsing with the students.  (You may want to leave your coat on a seat in the auditorium to reserve a seat.)  It would be helpful to have 1 or 2 volunteers at the door to direct students as they arrive to the auditorium, show them where their coats can be stored & where the bathrooms are.   We also need 1 volunteer in each hallway before the concert for "crowd control".  The directors need you to help keep the kids quiet and seated during the concert.  Some volunteers will be needed on the sides in the aisles & some seated with the kids.  
  Grace Zimmerman
  Marian Barron
  Claudia Krimsky
  Theresa Levinson
  Chantal Buchanan
  Anne Steer
  Pam Remis
  Linda Gillooly
  Beth Marsh Doyle
  Linda Silberberg
  Debra Poutsiaka
  Susan Kollaard
  Water:  Please drop off your case of water in the HS cafeteria at 6:30 when you bring your child.
  Lia Friel
  Bev Dillaway
  Alison Braunstein
  Sheila Burkus
  Mary McCurdy
  Cookie/brownie Volunteers:  Please put 3 dozen cookies/brownies on a disposable plate & drop off in the HS cafeteria at 6:30 when you bring your child.
  Dawn Bock
  Meg Cowe
  Jean O'Connor
  Barbara Gold
  Grace Zimmerman
  Colleen Lucas
  Beth Jakubowski
  Kim Fink
  Fran Tocci
  BJ Devlin
  Diane Douglas
  Inna Braginski
  Stephanie Dodson
  Roberta White
  Debbie Harwood
  Pam Remis
  Lisa Howe
  Juin Cohen
  Tina Kopelman
  Maureen McCaffrey
  Again, THANK YOU - your help is so appreciated!  See you at the concert, Sandy Coburn
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