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Christopher Memoli memolic at weston.org
Mon Oct 5 17:44:32 UTC 2020

Dear H.S. Parents and Students,

Although the MMEA-ED Sr. Festival has been cancelled this year, MMEA-ED will be providing  “virtual” auditions this year.  It will provide an opportunity students to get feedback on their playing/singing.  These auditions are open to all band, orchestra and chorus students grades 9-12.  The students will be judged relative to the best young musicians in eastern Massachusetts. All-State is also planning on auditions this year. All-State audition recommendations will be designated as usual.

Sr. Festival Audition Requirements can be found here <http://www.mmeaeasterndistrict.org/senior_audition_requirements.htm>.  Most students may only register for one audition.  Exceptions: Percussionists may take multiple auditions, i.e. snare, mallets and timpani.  Jazz students may register for a second instrumental ensemble audition.   Please submit a separate registration and fee for each audition.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tbHft3dw1_FeAP28Dhd1VwjWynN_RV97DRPAs1hbmW8/edit?usp=sharing <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tbHft3dw1_FeAP28Dhd1VwjWynN_RV97DRPAs1hbmW8/edit?usp=sharing>

The Eastern District Sr. Festival audition videos are due to Mr. Memoli, Ms. Navlen and Mr. Eldridge via google classroom on Monday, November 2, 2020.   To register students wishing to audition, click here:  Sr. Festival Audition Sign Up. <https://payment.westonmass.org/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/wbsearch.html?xxmod=AR&xxtype=MUSIC&wbsi=913d1d8f-2a9f-b087-e511-cd60557f673d>  The deadline to Register students for these auditions is Monday, November 2.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Christopher Memoli
Director of Music
Weston Public Schools
444 Wellesley Street
Weston, MA  02493
memolic at weston.org <mailto:memolic at weston.org>

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