[Hsorchestra] String Fling - Only 1 week away!

Michelle Roman michellelroman at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 06:34:31 EST 2012

The popular String Fling Concert is only a week away -- *March 6 at 7:30pm*!
 This is a family favorite where we see the progression from the 3rd grade
orchestra to the High School Orchestra.

With the large numbers of student musicians and their parents, we are
making some changes to accommodate the crowd.

   - *Up until 7:20 pm, we will be asking the parents/audience to enter the
   High School through the main doors (next to the Cafeteria).*  Tickets
   will be sold at* that* entrance and parents can wait in the cafeteria
   (coffee will be available) or they will be directed through the HS
   hallways to the gym (and they can wait in those hallways until the gym
   - After 7:20 pm, parents, etc. can enter through the regular door (by
   the gym and auditorium) and buy tickets there.
   - Anyone with mobility issues can enter at any time through the doors by
   the gym and auditorium.
   - The student musicians should enter through the doors by the gym
   and auditorium as they normally have.

We need the following volunteers to make this concert a success:

   - 3 ticket sellers (Come at 7 pm)
   - 5 guides to direct parents through the High School to the gym (Come at
   6:30 pm)

All volunteers will be able to go into the gym early and put their coat on
a seat to reserve it.  Please let me know if you can volunteer.

Thank you for your help!

Michelle Roman
Weston Friends of Music
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