[Hsorchestra] Volunteers needed for Pops concerts

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Mon Mar 29 07:50:19 EST 2010

The Band Pops concert is this Wednesday night, March 31st, at 7:30  pm.  We 
are looking for volunteers for both this concert and the  Chorus/Orchestra 
Pops concert on Thursday, April 15th.  

We need:
 -- 2 ticket sellers: arrive at 6:30 pm to distribute/sell  tickets until 
the concert begins at 7:30 pm.  Ideally one of the sellers  would remain at 
the table for the beginning of the concert to take care of late  arrivals.
 -- 3 door ushers: arrive at 6:30 pm to stand at the doors  until they open 
at 7:10 pm, then ushering people in until the concert starts at  7:30 pm.
 -- help needed after the concert to break down the tables 
 -- we still need volunteers to bake 2-4 dozen small cookies,  particularly 
for the April 15th concert.  Please email Mary Lou Fitzgerald  directly at 
_mlandkffitz at aol.com_ (mailto:mlandkffitz at aol.com)  if  you can help out.
If you are interested in volunteering, please reply to this email to 
_cphedges at aol.com_ (mailto:cphedges at aol.com)  and specify  for which concert you 
are volunteering.
Many thanks, Christie Hedges
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