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Happy New Year to all Weston music families!!
The music department had a very busy fall and holiday season, and Weston  
Friends of Music (WFOM) was instrumental (hah!) in making it all happen smoothly  
and efficiently for the directors and students.  Before we begin the next  
wave of concerts and activities in the second half of our school year, I wanted  
to update everyone on our activities, and acknowledge the efforts of many  
Thanks to Catherine Connolly for organizing refreshments  for the Pep Band 
during WHS football games.  The musicians enjoyed snacks  and drinks in the band 
room during halftime, and were given a break from playing  music during the 
third quarter.
Our Masquerade and Winter Concerts all ran smoothly thanks to the efforts  of 
many parents helping out with ticket sales, refreshments, chaperoning,  
flowers, set change, etc -- but particular thanks go to our Chairs who organized  
all of the volunteers: Sally Helfer (HS Band), Liz  Hochberger (HS Chorus), 
Elizabeth Atkin (HS  Orchestra), Lali Haines (MS Band), Sandy  Coburn (MS 
Chorus), and Kim Engler (MS  Orchestra).  Additionally, many thanks to Mary Duffey 
who  was responsible for creating all of our concert programs.
Publicity for our concerts and music events has been at an all-time high  
thanks to Glenn Harder, who has submitted dozens of photos with  narratives to 
the Town Crier.  The full page spreads in several editions of  recent 
Weston/Wayland Town Criers have been fantastic!
In addition, thanks to Ted Garland and his video students  for taping all of 
our winter concerts.  Many of you have already  purchased these very 
professionally-done CD's.  If you ordered one but  haven't picked it up yet, they are 
available in the video room at the  HS.  If you would still like to purchase 
one, please contact Ted at _garlandt at mail.weston.org_ 
(mailto:garlandt at mail.weston.org) .  They  can be purchased for $20, with checks payable to "Town of 
Our first-ever WFOM fall clothing sale was very successful due to the  
efforts of Judy Harris and Elizabeth  Atkin for the MS/HS sale, and Sue McGinty  for 
the sale at the elementary schools.  We brought in over $350 for our  music 
department, but even more importantly, provided a much needed and  appreciated 
service to Weston music families by providing an opportunity to  purchase 
concert attire at incredibly low prices.  We will be looking to  collect your 
outgrown concert attire in the spring in anticipation of our fall  sale next year.
An exciting development this fall was the establishment of separate  
listserves for each of the music groups.  We now have an  efficient and all-inclusive 
way to communicate with music families.  If you  would like an additional 
email added to a particular listserve, or if you would  like to unsubscribe an 
email address, please let me know at _cphedges at aol.com_ (mailto:cphedges at aol.com) 
We will hold our next WFOM meeting on Friday, February 9th, at  8:00 am in 
the HS Band Room.  We have a lot coming up,  including Jr. District and 
All-State music festivals, the February Choral  Concert at Regis, our system-wide 
concerts in March, two HS Pops Concerts in  April, and our Spring concerts.  It's 
going to be very busy!
Thanks again to everyone for all of your help and support.  --  Christie 

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