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Dear Chorus Parents,

The annual Pot Luck Dinner, usually takes place on one of the first Sundays of December. This year it also happens to be the first night of Chanukah.  To allow students to get home and celebrate with their family, we are planning to have a short Holiday Gathering after the students sing at the The Newbridge SeniorLife Center in Dedham, this Sunday, DECEMBER 5th.  This a chorus tradition that the residents greatly appreciate and enjoy.  After the performance, the students will return to the High School for hot chocolate, apple cider, and some snacks. They are always hungry and thirsty, so we are asking parents to help provide a light snack to feed the 135 singers as quickly and deliciously as possible.

The children arrive at the high school at 12 noon. Food and drinks, may be dropped off by your student at this time in front of the auditorium, or at 3:45 when students will return.

Here are the suggestions for the supplies needed and how many families we need to contribute one of the items listed. We hope several family will be able to participate in some way. Let Rose Hattabaugh know if you can bring one of the items listed or stop by to help with set up or clean up.


6 -  cases of bottled water (24 pack)

4 - 24 count individual Hot Choclate packs (like Swiss Miss)
3 - Gallons of Apple Cider

Fruit, Veggies, & Cheese

3 - Boxes of Clementines
2 - Bags of apples
1 - 60 count string cheese (sold at Costco)

3 - Bags of baby carrots

Snack Bags

6 - 10 - Six or Twelve packs of individual: Popcorn, Sunchips, Smartfood, pretzels or other individual snack bags (NO NUTS!!!)

Sweet Treats

3 - 50 count Dunkin Munchkins boxes
5 - Boxes of Granola bars (NO NUTS!!)
Optional:  A Dozen Holiday cookies, or mini cupcakes (NO NUTS!!!)

Paper Goods

3 - 100 count napkins
4 - 50 count mini paper plates
4 - 50 count hot/cold cups
2 - 50 count stirrers

Finally, as always, we also need 2-3 people to help clean-up at the conclusion around 4:30 - 5:00.

Please email Rose Hattabaugh at rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com<mailto:rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com> and note specifically the item you will be bringing or to sign up to help.

This information and any additional details can also be found on the Weston Friends of Music web page.

Thank you so much for helping to make this a memorable and fun tradition for your children!

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