[Hschorus] chaperone

Provenzano, Therese ProvenzanoT at weston.org
Fri Jan 18 13:22:09 EST 2013

Hi everyone,
I am writing in an emergency about chaperones!!! I have had 3 who needed to back out and I need a couple of folks to please get on board as chaperones for the weekend.  The trip is paid for, except lunches/snacks on your own and I need parents who can manage large groups of students and help to make sure all moves smoothly.  The students are great kids and should be easy to work with !!!! 
The trip, as you know leaves tomorrow am (chaperones meeting 6:15, bus leaves 7am), and will return Monday around 7pm.  If you are able and willing I would appreciate a phone call right away at school 781 786 5976 until 2pm and after on my cell at 781 707 6108.  It is a great trip! Please contact me right away if you are able to come on board! Thanks, Therese

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