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Sat Feb 16 10:10:01 EST 2013

HI everyone,

The Chorus has been invited to sing the National Anthem at the Boston Celtics game on Friday April 5th!!! It is a great opportunity and very few people ever get to sing an anthem at a game ( over 5000 applicants for 40 games!!!) -- it is a blast!!!! 

We will sing the anthem and then stay at the game...
Enclosed is the flyer to purchase tickets for your child  - they must purchase one of these tickets if they are singing as we have to enter together for the game.  There is also the t-shirt order as everyone must wear this on the court.  You can also purchase tickets for your family to come see us sing and enjoy the game (you will need to get to and from the game on your own... only singing students will be on the buses).  Your child can leave the game with you but you MUST be sure to work that out directly with me (I am responsible for your child and must know where they are/are going and with whom!!!).

Don't miss out (family tickets are on first come first serve basis)... .the flyer should have all the info you need.... and must be returned to me by MARCH 6!!!
Any questions feel free to contact me!!
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