[Hschorus] More food donations needed for the Chorus Potluck

Rose Hattabaugh rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 6 08:02:31 EST 2013

Many thanks to all who have offered to donate to this Sunday's chorus potluck dinner at the High School!  We are still in need of 5-6 main courses, several salads, desserts, and drinks.  Please RSVP if you are able to help.  Details below:

Each Grade will bring the following refreshments for the
potluck dinner:


 9th Grade- Main
Dishes (for 6-10 people)

10th Grade- Main Dishes (for 6–10 people)

11th Grade- Dessert

12th Grade- Salads & Drinks


*Any questions please e-mail: juliegreenberg7 at gmail.com, or rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com


You can drop off foods that do not need to be kept hot at 12:30.  Hot foods should arrive at 4:15.



12:30pm- HS Chorus Rehearsal followed by concert at NewBridge, in

 4:30pm- Return to High School - Pot Luck Dinner-HS cafeteria

Thanks again!Julie & Rose
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