[Hschorus] Chorus Potluck on Sunday!

Rose Hattabaugh rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 3 08:51:28 EST 2013

A friendly reminder that chorus parents will be hosting a potluck for the chorus students on Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to all you have offered to donate food and drinks, and to help out!  Below are the details, please email if you are able to donate we can get an accurate count.

Each Grade will bring the following refreshments for the
potluck dinner:


 9th Grade- Main
Dishes (for 6-10 people)

10th Grade- Main Dishes (for 6–10 people)

11th Grade- Dessert

12th Grade- Salads & Drinks


*Any questions please e-mail: juliegreenberg7 at gmail.com, or rose_hattabaugh at hotmail.com 


·      We do not have paper plates, napkins, cups or
utensils. If anyone would like to help provide these, please let us know.


You can drop off foods that do not need to be kept hot at 12:30.  Hot foods should arrive at 4:15.



12:30pm- HS Chorus Rehearsal followed by concert at NewBridge, in Dedham

Pot Luck Dinner-HS cafeteria
Students can call for pick up when they are done.

Thank you so much for your help!
Julie Greenberg & Rose Hattabaugh
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