[Hschorus] Chorus Pot Luck: Final Needs and Instructions

Sarah Ardila sarah_ardila at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 10:17:10 EST 2012

Hi all: hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are rested and ready to move on to the Chorus Pot Luck! (Reminder it is Sunday Dec. 9th)

As far as the class responses:
Freshmen: ALL SET for main entrees.
These HOT dishes should be delivered to the HS cafeteria at 4:00 pm already hot. 

Sophmores: We could use about 5 more salad dishes and these could include: additonal fruit salads, pasta and/or potato salad.
Salads may be dropped off with your children and 12-12:30 IF the dressing is on the side or at 4pm.

Juniors: A  little short on desserts: we could stand for another dozen cookies or fruit platter.

Food items should please be either in disposable conatiners or reusable containers labeled with your name. Please try to include serving utensils as well.

Seniors: We could use some apple cider and/or some sparking apple/cranberry juice.
Drinks may be dropped off with your children at 12-12:30 or at 4pm.

OTHER NEEDS: Paper plates, cups and utensils.

For those helping to set up: the majority of help is needed at 3:30 to finish off the buffet table setting and to accept the food being delivered.

Thank you all and if you are able to help with any of the above, please email me at sarah_ardila at yahoo.com.
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