[Hschorus] Chorus Pot Luck is Dec 9th: Food & Volunteer Information

Sarah Ardila sarah_ardila at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 17:52:44 EST 2012

Dear Chorus Parents,

The annual Pot Luck dinner will take place on Sunday, DECEMBER 9th. This is a fantastic tradition at Weston! The Chorus will be singing at Newbridge in Dedham and those residents greatly enjoy and appreciate the singing.   At the end of it, the kids return to the High School for a Pot Luck Dinner.  They are hungry and thirsty, so we hope to feed about 165 singers as quickly and deliciously as possible with your help.

We need volunteers in a variety of areas so please read through the email and let me know how you would like to participate. Please respond to Sarah Ardila by email (sarah_ardila at yahoo.com) or please feel free to call 727-224-9276.

The children are supposed to arrive at the high school (12:00 for concert choir and 12:30 for full chorus). For those dropping off cold food or drinks, you may drop off at either of these times in the cafeteria.
All other and all hot meals need to be dropped off at 4pm, please.

Here are the pot luck assignments by grade: we hope every family will be able to participate in some way.

Grade 9:  Main course: EACH DONATION SHOULD SERVE 8-10.  Note we need several that are meatless.
Suggested dishes: lasagna (meat and meatless), macaroni & cheese, chicken dishes, pizza (can be bite size bagels or variety including veggie). Last year the children also really enjoyed rice and beans!
We need approx. 25 dishes (at least 5 meatless)
Grade 10:  Salads: EACH DONATION SHOULD SERVE 8 - 10
Suggested salads: keep them simple: Green tossed, Fruit, Caesar
We need approx. 15 dishes
Grade 11:  Dessert: EACH DONATION SHOULD SERVE 8 - 10
Suggested desserts: Cupcakes, brownies, cookies (preferred to cakes and pies unless individual servings)
Grade 12:  Beverages: 2 (1liter) bottles each volunteer
Suggested drinks: Water, Juices, Gingerale, Sprite
We need approx. 20 people to provide drinks.

Also needed are 8 volunteers for set-up around 3:30. These volunteers will help receive food and set up the buffet, help set the rest of the tables, etc (MEAL should be ARRIVING AROUND 4, already hot)

Finally, as always, we also need people to help clean-up at the conclusion around 5:30, as well as someone to take the leftovers to a local homeless shelter.
We need approx. 7 people at this time.

Please email Sarah Ardila at sarah_ardila at yahoo.com and note specifically the item you will be bringing or to sign up to help.
This information and any additional details can also be found on Weston Friends of Music web page:  www.westonschools.org/index.cfm?pid=19750
Thank you so much for helping to make this a memorable and fun tradition for your children.
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