[Hschorus] Thank you

Sarah Ardila sarah_ardila at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 23:38:10 EST 2011

Quick note to thank you all for bringing the great variety of delicious warm dishes, desserts and salads. All were gobbled up and enjoyed! The refreshing drinks were also very much appreciated. It went smoothly in large part to the way you all responded- thank you.
Special thanks to Faith, Helen and Rachel for the pre-pot luck help in organizing and thinking through what was required as well as all they did to keep things rolling during the pot luck. To Jean O'Connor for her notes from last year "thank you" as well!
Please also thank our very capable custodian, Mark, when you get a chance; he helped quite a bit to keep things clean and safe.
Last but not least please thank our wonderful set up and clean up volunteers: Jenny, Patty, Tricia, Alice, Lisa, Debbie and Cheryl. There were more and I apologize I do not have everyone's name!

Therese: we appreciate that our children have this opportunity, thanks for making it happen.

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