[Hschorus] High School Chorus Winter Concert

Collette Chilton cchilton at williams.edu
Tue Nov 24 12:34:34 EST 2009

Dear Parents in the High School Chorus Community:

As you know, the High School Chorus is performing December 9th at 7:30
p.m. at the High School.  We will have a reception in the cafeteria
after the concert for everyone to have a quick snack before heading

We will need lots of volunteers to bring cookies and small bottled
waters.  We'll also need door ushers and ticket sellers.  Finally, we'll
need someone to pick up flowers for Therese Provenzano and her
accompanist.  Also, if anyone would like to bring seasonal decorations
to the cafeteria, please let me know.

If you can help with any part of the festivities on the 9th, please let
me know by responding to this email.

We'll need:

*        25 volunteers to bring cookies (home made or store bought);

*        2-3 volunteers to bring small bottled waters; 

*        2-3 ticket sellers to be at the HS by 6:30;

*        3  door ushers; 

*        One person to arrive at the cafeteria early to coordinate the
cookie drop-off and stay until everyone has left, and

*        One person to bring flowers and to recruit two kids to hand the
flowers to Therese and the accompanist.  (You can submit receipts for
the flowers.)

Thanks in advance for all of your help with the Winter concert.  Also,
thanks to the parents who are helping with the potluck after the kids
sing at New Pond on December 6th.  Therese really appreciates your help
at this busy time of year!  

Best regards,
Collette Chilton




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